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 Everywhere you look!

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PostSubject: Everywhere you look!    Everywhere you look!  EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 2:26 am

Howdy you wanna know the best song in the world right now it's EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK I rate it 10/10 it's a great song can't stop pressing repeat repeat what other button is there that you can press for such a great song. Do you wanna know a fact about Everywhere you look? No it's not the creator of the song it's the Full House theme song soooo addicted to Full House and Everywhere you look. Tell me whats your favourite song , 1 fact about it and what you rate it out of 10 ill be checking everyday so you may wanna actually write something interesting so yeah
Blasting music in the ears
Witch and Harms Very Happy
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Everywhere you look!
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